Project Description

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Hog Abatement Management Systems, HAMS, is a technology based start-up using innovative systems to efficiently trap, transport and market hogs. Wild hogs are a serious problem throughout Texas and the southern United States. Overnight, they are capable of doing tens of thousands of dollars in damage to crop lands, golf courses and private property. 

Advent GX provided entrepreneurs with market research to identify the best opportunities for abating overgrown hog populations in the most impacted markets. The AGX engineering team designed an integrated system of remote sensing technology and cellular communication to maximize trapping while reducing unnecessary transportation costs to check traps. The AGX marketing and creative services team provided brand development support for HAMS. Additionally, we have helped HAMS with financial forecasting, and fundraising for their technology. 

HAMS was able to create an efficient and decent way to diminish the wild hog issue that many people in our community and neighboring communities can face. There is now a way that helps prevent land owners from having to deal with the problem that could cause them thousands of dollars in damage.