Innovation and entrepreneurship build vibrant communities.

Build on what we have.

Since 2004, the Advent GX team has advised state and local governments, NGOs, and entrepreneurs throughout Texas and across the globe. We work with clients to design and deploy programs that build upon existing resources as the foundation of sustainable business, community and economic development strategies.

AGX brings creative thinkers, strategists, and data scientists together with local leaders to uncover existing assets and devise a strategy to put them to work for the best possible outcomes. We specialize in supporting small and medium communities, entrepreneurs, and NGOs who share our vision of human flourishing and vibrant hometowns. As we get to know you and your vision, we do the work to identify your Best Developmental Opportunities (BDOs), gather the right subject matter experts and institutional partners, and get to work building impact strategies.

We serve entrepreneurs, incubators, visionaries, and developers. We do so with proven strategy development processes, and by employing the power of a worldwide network of subject matter experts who stand ready to build your vision.

  • 20+ years of lessons learned
  • Global network of subject matter experts

  • Boots-on-the-ground revitalization experience

  • Proven strategy deployment processes

  • Insightful econometric modeling

  • Effective community engagement tools

  • Successful fundraising experience

How We Serve

Supporting Entrepreneurs

and Innovators

At the heart of every growing economy are entrepreneurs risking livelihood and sacrificing time to move beyond the big idea and build something meaningful. In the process, they create jobs for their neighbors and open up opportunities for investment and wealth creation. At AdventGX, we are entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs, bringing wisdom gained through both trial and triumph, sound strategy for a clear path forward, and resources to get the job done.

Revitalizing Rural

and Historic Places

Every community has a unique history and assets that can be developed to create a sense of place that is attractive to visitors, investors, and entrepreneurs alike. Natural attractants, like a well restored hotel or warehouse, are proven catalysts that drive ongoing investment and development. We come alongside community leaders and investors to evaluate best uses for historic spaces and redevelop them into engaging experiences that bring history, communities, and economies to life.

Building Sound Strategies

Whether you’re a city leader developing plans for economic revitalization, an aspiring entrepreneur, or an NGO leader looking to change the world, you need a plan. And just as much as you need a plan, you need the relationships and other resources required to deploy it. We gather the right subject matter experts, secure participation from various stakeholder groups, and conduct the background research required to understand risks and address inevitable challenges, all toward defining your clear path forward.

Let’s work together!

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