Project Description

The Ice House on Main was built in 1912 and was one of the most extensive ice plants of its time. Through the years, it has been home to a CocaCola distributor, a furniture manufacturer, and a popular night club. With its Mission Revival facade overlooking historic downtown, the Ice House on Main boasts 20,000 sq. ft. of event and dining space. Situated at the North end of Bryan’s historic district, the Ice House on Main still boasts original materials, from wood floors with the rich patina from decades of wear, to the original wood beams, exposed brick, and other architectural elements. The Ice House is Downtown Bryan’s premier venue for large events and gives space to Bryan’s top farm to table restaurant. 

Advent GX is honored to be leading the redevelopment of this important piece of our downtown history. It is a community development project, meaning it is developed by and for our community to enhance the quality of life and spur economic growth. As with past projects, we are using innovation and entrepreneurship to support heritage preservation and inviting the community to share in the experience. To find out more please visit: .