Project Description

CoordiNation Centric is a true turn-key remote patient monitoring solution. It harnesses services and technology to achieve incredible results for the chronically ill elderly population. It’s telemonitoring technology allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients. Each patient receives vital-sign-monitoring devices for their home which can send important information and current conditions of the patient to the healthcare provider via a cellular gateway. If the patient is not in the appropriate parameter of their physician’s request, then the “coordiNators” relay this information to the clinical team. CoordiNation Centric has a simple and collaborative, state-of-the-art software that is user friendly and effective in its mission. It allows for ongoing customer support with qualified, highly trained professionals.

Advent GX helped CoordiNation Centric develop their software and provide them with business development support. Advent GX also helped them with their initial fundraising strategy. Currently, we are still heavily involved with CoordiNation Centric as they are still a part of our Innovation Underground. We provide them with office space, assist them with financial forecasting, and help them with their software updates. 

CoordiNation Centric enhances the healthcare provided to elderly in the community. It decreases costs while increasing efficiency and care for chronically ill patients. Constantly monitoring a large amount of patients can result in extremely high costs for the patients and their insurance provider, and prohibit physicians from expanding their patient network. With this new technology these two problems are eliminated, and healthcare is made better for all. To learn more about CoordiNation Centric visit: