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Move from ideas to impact.

Since 2004, Advent GX has empowered leaders in communities, universities, NGOs, and start-up organizations with the strategies to make the difference they want to see in the world. Our aim is impact, and we work every day to improve quality of life around the globe by serving alongside thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our strategy development, research, and facilitation processes are designed for deep engagement with both our clients and their customers and stakeholders.

Together, we formulate relevant, data-driven recommendations, and build the strategies and tools to move you from an abundance of ideas to quantifiable impacts.

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We Are Innovators Serving Innovators.

At AGX we are more than plans and papers, we walk our talk. Our strategy development practice and support for entrepreneurs is based on best practices developed through our own business endeavors.

Listen to our founder and CEO Jose Quintana as he discusses how Advent GX engages entrepreneurs and the universities and communities seeking to support them.

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Strategy Development is a Team Sport.

Our strategy development process is engineered to build community and capture the voice of the customer. We don’t just write a plan, we build a team, seek insights, analyze data, and build relationships, all with the aim of providing our customers with both the strategies and the resources needed to deploy them.

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We serve local, state, and federal governments, NGOs, developers, land owners, entrepreneurs and other innovators.
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