Project Description

The Distributed Urban Farming Initiative (DUFI) was created by Advent GX that unites agriculture with community development, nutrition, and local economic development. The goal of the project was not simply to build gardens, but rather use local agriculture to encourage healthy food choices, promote good health and spur economic growth through entrepreneurship and tourism.The city of Bryan graciously granted access to vacant properties in, and around historic downtown for the testing of the distributed farm concept. These once unused plots will become beautiful attractions and valuable assets to the city and community members alike. Our DUFi demonstration garden has been home to private garden parties, kids camps, summer concerts, educational field trips and, of course, demonstration gardens.

Advent GX Developed the Distributed Urban Farming Initiative to convert otherwise empty and forgotten urban lots into eatable landscapes and usable community spaces. Advent GX helped Texas communities,state governments, and private businesses achieve success. We assisted with concept development and design in order to create a sustainable garden design. We enhanced the brand development helped effectively market and promote DUFi. Without our assistance it would have been difficult to implement this concept into small towns due to lack of financial resources and a shortage of dedicated human capital. Today, Advent GX seeks to launch a distributed urban farm program to support community development goals while generating economic opportunity and encouraging healthy lifestyles. To find out more about  the Distributed Urban Farming Initiative visit .