Project Description

Beautiful Abilities is a community health services provider serving adults with intellectual disabilities. They strive to create sustainable opportunities customized to the individual being served while unlocking their potential. Beautiful abilities  “was founded on the belief that every life has value. [They] believe the secret to leading productive, meaningful and rich lives is working towards the realization of our purpose and then sharing it with others”. They provide in home services, summer camps, respite weekends, and connections and training opportunities for integration into community activities.

When founder Phil Haas decided to pursue his dream of providing quality services in Bryan and College Station, Texas, he became a member of the Innovation Underground. Advent GX’s business services team helped Phil define a plan for achieving his vision. We helped develop his brand identity package and got him started with an initial web site. Our team also supported Phil in identifying financing for his first home for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Beautiful Abilities is able to provide a supportive community which allows people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive. They operate in Bryan & College Station through a Medicaid waiver program, Home and Community Services (HCS) to offer homes and other services to providers in need who meet the standards of their care. Their day services incorporate possibilities for new ventures, community development, possibilities for personal growth, and support for inclusive living. To find more information about Beautiful Abilities visit