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December 2005

:: AdventGX News
   :. Esteemed Tourism Authority Dr. Joseph O’Leary Joins AGX Board of Directors
:: Initiatives
   :. Vestivo Showcased at 2005 ARVC InSites
:: Meetings/Presentations/Workshops
   :. AdventGX Builds Bridge to China
:: Projects
   :. AdventGX Wins Contract to Produce Van Horn Promotional Strategy
   :. Did you know?
AdventGX News
Esteemed Tourism Authority Dr. Joseph O’Leary Joins AGX Board of Directors
AdventGX is proud to announce that Doctor Joseph O’Leary has joined the AdventGX Board of Directors. Dr. O’Leary is a professor and department head in the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University. Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. O’Leary’s research has involved knowledge management, and analysis of large national and international studies of travel and recreation behavior. The results of his work have been used by public and private organizations throughout the world. Dr. O’Leary joins fellow AdventGX board members Dr. Carson Watt, professor emeritus of Texas A&M University in the Dept. of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Mr. Andy Sansom, former Executive Director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Mr. Brandon Coleman, brand development & marketing authority, Dr. Rick Giardino, Texas A&M University dean of graduate studies and Dr. Ronald Robinson, AdventGX CEO & Board Chairman and member of the Texas Governor’s Science and Technology Council. To read Dr. O’Leary’s extended bio, visit our web site at
Vestivo Showcased at 2005 ARVC InSites
Amy Williams, Casey Jensen and Travis Nance participated in the National Association of RV Parks & Campground (ARVC) InSites 2005 Convention held in Austin, Texas. Vestivo was one of about 120 exhibitors who where able to showcase products and services for 1000 RV Parks and Campgrounds attending the convention. ARVC InSites was also an opportunity for Vestivo to announce their newly forged partnership with Friend Communications. Click here to read the full press release.
AdventGX Builds Bridge to China
Andrew Skadberg, (AGX Chief Knowledge Officer), Andrew Sansom, (AGX Board Member), Dr. Jianbang Gan, (Forest Sciences, TAMU) and Dr. Yongxia Skadberg (Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences, TAMU) all presented at a Research Roundtable at the U.S. – China Conference in Beijing in November. The roundtable participants especially want to thank Dr. Rick Giardino (AGX Board) for his support to make this roundtable a reality.The session titled “Wetland Conservation, Nature-Based Tourism, and Rural Economic Development” ties directly to AdventGX’s core strategies for realistic, sustainable rural economic development. The roundtable participants are planning interim activities to continue the momentum created by the conference and are already preparing to participate in the next U.S. China Conference that will take place in the U.S. in 2007.
AdventGX Wins Contract to Produce Van Horn Promotional Strategy
AdventGX was awarded the contract to develop the promotional strategy for Van Horn, Texas, including their printed travel guide and the web architecture for the Town’s comprehensive web presence. AdventGX will kick off the project with a marketing and promotion strategy deployment workshop in Van Horn shortly after the new year. Through the workshop, AdventGX will define the promotional goals for the Van Horn Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, the Van Horn Economic Development Corporation and the Town of Van Horn and define a promotional strategy, including both print and online components, to achieve them. The project is being performed in conjunction with the ongoing Van Horn Economic Development Initiative. To learn more about the project, visit
Did you know?
More than 80% of travelers plan their trips online, so not only is important to have a web site, it’s important to have a strong, attractive, efficient web presence that works for your business. AdventGX has produced the web presence and brand for more than 25 tourism related businesses in the last 2 years. Here are just a few of the customers we serve:Herradura Ranch

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