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July 2007

:: Projects
   :. Project 7 Day (7/7/7)
:: Team News
   :. Summer Internship & Big Bend with Kids Trip
Project 7 Day (7/7/7)
:. Project 7 Day (7/7/7)July was a very important month for us, the City of Van Horn designated (appropriately so) July the 7th of 2007 (7.7.7) as Project 7 Day. As you may know, Project 7
is the code name for the Van Horn Economic Development Initiative and on the 7th of July project accomplishments and future plans were showcased at the now
official Project 7 Room. Van Horn EDC Director Jeff McCoy did a Herculean effort in order to have the Project 7 room ready for the all day event. We would like to
take this opportunity to thank Mr. McCoy and the citizens of Van Horn for allowing us to be part of their community and share in their success.

– Project 7 Room

Located adjacent to the Clark Hotel Museum, the Project 7 Room serves as showcasing facility for the economic development initiative currently underway at Van
Horn (a 7 year plan). The Project 7 room will also serve as a meeting facility for project related activities and will house a GIS and data visualization workstation
and other supporting IT and connectivity infrastructure. We want to thank Judge Molinar for allowing us to borrow and restore a table form the original Van Horn
Courthouse as the Project 7 center piece. We also want to thank our regional coordinator Andrea Ramirez and her kids for helping with the renovation process as
well as our summer interns for helping with decoration and cleanup.

– Project 7 Newspaper Edition

To mark the event Mr. Larry Simpson, owner and editor of the Van Horn Advocate, produced a Project 7 Edition of his newspaper that narrated many of the
challenges, opportunities and future plans pertinent to this important initiative – a beautiful and first full color edition.

Team News
Summer Internship & Big Bend with Kids Trip
This year we expanded our summer internship to include, in addition to community development tasks, a travel documentary project code named “Big Bend With Kids”. We will be working on an article describing the program and and how rural communities in particular can take advantage of this model.

The following is a small sample of the sites we visited – check our on-line version of the website to see some neat pictures.

– YO Ranch

– Sanderson

– Big Bend and Chisos Mountains Lodge

– Van Horn