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May 2007

:: Meetings/Presentations/Workshops
   :. Vestivo-RV Participates in Texas Trade Show
   :. Terrell County ASD Workshop
   :. AdventGX IT Training Series Begins
:: Projects
   :. Cuauhtémoc Chihuahua Tourism Development Initiative
   :. Sonora Economic & Tourism Development Initiative
:: Team News
   :. Linda Glessner Joins Executive Advisory Board
Vestivo-RV Participates in Texas Trade Show
AdventGX team members Kelley Stewart and Lindsey Hafner attended the 2007 TACO (Texas Association of Campground Owners) Spring Trade Show in Kerrville, TX. RV Park owners in attendance had the opportunity to see a demonstration of the complete Vestivo-RV line of products. Vestivo-RV is the premier reservations and property management solution for RV parks and resorts. For more information, visit Vestivo-RV online at
Terrell County ASD Workshop
AdventGX conducted a series of AGX Strategy Deployment (ASD) workshops with community leaders, citizens, and business representatives in Sanderson, TX, May 18-19.
During these workshops, the community identified their assets and best developmental opportunities by sharing their ideas and visions for establishing prosperity in Terrell County. AdventGX will help the community to prioritize projects, functions, and tasks that need to be implemented to help the County realize its vision. This first phase of the project will conclude in an economic and tourism development plan aimed at leveraging the community’s existing assets. In addition to the workshops, AdventGX team members took the opportunity to explore the community and get to know a few of its residents.

AdventGX IT Training Series Begins
Deswin Lim delivered the first of four lectures in the AdventGX IT Training Series on Saturday, May 26. AdventGX interns Ashley Moore, Chelsea Tatge, Jose Juan Quintana, and Cole Tatge attended this half-day workshop. Topics of Saturday’s lecture included HTML programming and management of our AdventGXtra newsletter system. By the end of the day, the interns were able to successfully produce their own version of our monthly newsletter. We are fortunate to have such a bright and talented group of young people working with us! The next lecture is scheduled for late July after the team returns from their extensive West Texas tour.
Cuauhtémoc Chihuahua Tourism Development Initiative
Jose Quintana and Nacho Paez visited the city of Cuauhtémoc to deliver a presentation outlining the results of the Cuauhtémoc Tourism Development Initiative. The results called for placing emphasis on the further development of the heritage and natural tourism assets inherent to the region. The Mennonite and the Tarahumaran Tourism Experiences received top priority rankings from local and regional leaders. AdventGX, as part of its ASD (AGX Strategy Deployment) consultancy, presented a sustainable and comprehensive model for regional tourism development focusing on international markets. The development of such model as a private / public partnership will become the foundation for phase two of the Cuauhtémoc Tourism Development Initiative, an effort aiming to more than double yearly tourism related revenue for the region within the next three years.

Sonora Economic & Tourism Development Initiative
Sonora Industrial Development Corporation announced this month that they will engage AdventGX to support the strategic planning of an economic development initiative in Sonora, TX and surrounding Sutton County. The initiative began when the SIDC Board of Directors determined that a critical need existed for a comprehensive plan to guide their efforts to improve the quality of life in the community through economic development. AdventGX will hold its standard ASD workshop series in June to assess the community’s needs and desires and will then provide SIDC with strategic objectives for moving this initiative forward.
Team News
Linda Glessner Joins Executive Advisory Board
AdventGX is pleased to welcome Linda Glessner, Ph.D. as the newest member of our Executive Advisory Board. Linda is the Director of the Continuing & Professional Studies Office and Visiting Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. She specializes in the design, development and delivery of professional credentialing and career enrichment programs for the adult learner. She is a consultant for the startup of cost recovery continuing education and conferencing service enterprises and has 17 years of experience in product development, public outreach, strategic marketing, organizational planning and leadership. Over the past two decades, she has been an accomplished advisor to industry, public schools, non-profit volunteer organizations and higher education and is a current liaison for such organizations as USDA, Center for Reform of School Systems, Texas Transportation Institute, Transportation Security Administration, Halliburton and Toyota. Her work as a visionary and execution architect has laid the groundwork for dozens of outreach initiatives to include the USAA Mentoring Program, The ABC’s of Mentoring Toolkit, The Governor of Texas: Lone Star Leaders Program, Texas A&M’s Continuing Education Office, Texas A&M’s America Reads & Counts Initiative and numerous other state and local efforts.