Project Description

Gratitude Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational support services and scholarships to the children of active duty military and veterans. Its purpose is to show appreciation to the heroes our country could not function without. It provides a tangible way for patriotic citizens to give back to deserving families in a meaningful way for generations to come. Gratitude Initiative provides the most comprehensive college and career preparatory program available today to military and veteran families across the globe. It is unique in that it provides full service comprehensive college and career preparatory programs to military and veteran children from middle school through college.

 Gratitude Initiative founder Lee Sechrist joined the Innovation Underground to gain a network of supportive entrepreneurs. Advent GX has provided marketing strategy, brand development, social media planning and implementation support. During the time Gratitude Initiative was being assisted by Innovation Underground, it was able to acquire a non-profit license and continue to expand on its own. We are no longer involved with Gratitude Initiative as they have graduated past our services and no longer need our assistance. Today, they are significantly helping children of active duty military and veteran families get into and afford the colleges they have always dreamed of.