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June 2006

:: Initiatives
   :. AdventGX Team Visits Parral, Mexico
   :. AGX, UACH Discuss Nature Tourism Innitiatives at Cibolo Creek Ranch
   :. AGX Signs MOU with Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua
:: Projects
   :. AGX Attends Van Horn Youth Rodeo
   :. AdventGX to Partner with TEEX on Ft. Stockton Technical Assistance Program
:: Team News
   :. Guadalupe Reyes Joins AGX Executive Advisory Board
   :. AGX Interns Take on Project 7 Tasks
AdventGX Team Visits Parral, Mexico
AdventGX team members Jose Quintana, Andy Skadberg, and Lindsey Hafner met in San Marcos to begin their trip southwest to Parral, Mexico to visit with the Parral Woodcraft Consortium. Before the team left San Marcos, they visited a popular park that was completely built and supported by the businesses of San Marcos.

Once out in West Texas, the team took a short break from the road in Ft. Stockton to meet with new AdventGX Executive Advisory Board Member, Jed Elrod.

The team headed across the Mexico border to visit the Parral Wood Consortium in Parral Mexico. On the way, they made a stop in the small Mexican town of Valle. Valle was established as a mining community and continues to thrive in the twenty-first century. The ruins of a textile factory, established near a hot spring, were only a short drive away from Valle.

On the way to Parral from the ruins, the team could not help but notice the impressive, hand-built rock fences that wound themselves across the country side. The fences represent hard word, heritage, and lasting quality. Following these fences we eventually found our way to Parral.


Once in Parral, the team met with each of the members of the Parral Woodcraft Consortium individually at their factories. The handmade items produced at each of these factories were quite astonishing in their beauty.

The team visited a total of 9 wood and metal factories. The Consortium will create unique, handmade furniture and home decor items that will be sold in the United States as early as this summer.

Before leaving Mexico, the team visited the small town of Guachochi, the headquarters of the Tarahumara Indian tribe. The team spent the day hiking and taking in the natural beauty surrounding the town.

AGX, UACH Discuss Nature Tourism Innitiatives at Cibolo Creek Ranch
The AdventGX team toured Cibolo Creek Ranch in far West Texas to discuss nature tourism initiatives. The ranch has been successful in the nature tourism industry since it was renovated in 1988. Cibolo Creek Ranch is known for its beautiful setting, luxurious accommodations, and great hunting, fishing, and bird watching grounds.

AGX Signs MOU with Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua
AdventGX has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Escuela de Economía Internacional (EEI), part of the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua, located in Chihuahua, Mexico. EEI is a world-renowned program dedicated to improving the human capital of institutions and communities in Chihuahua, the Republic of Mexico and the world through learning, discovery and service. AdventGX is excited about the opportunity to work with EEI to bring the Republic of Mexico new technologies and methodologies in the area of leadership and professional development solutions.

AGX Attends Van Horn Youth Rodeo
AdventGX team members working on various projects in Van Horn through the summer took a break to enjoy the youth rodeo over the weekend. The cool weather together with the small town rodeo arena and countless youth on horseback made for an exceptional West Texas experience.

AdventGX to Partner with TEEX on Ft. Stockton Technical Assistance Program
The City of Fort Stockton and the Fort Stockton Economic Development Corporation approved a joint proposal by the Technology and Economic Development Division of the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and AdventGX to provide technical assistance in support of their economic and tourism development efforts. Together, TEEX and AGX will conduct a community marketing assessment, examining community resources and identify assets, barriers and challenges related to marketing the community. Based on the assessment, AdventGX and TEEX will work with the Fort Stockton’s Tourism Director and the Economic Development Director to devise a promotional strategy to attract new residents and tourists alike and develop a new web site to launch the promotional strategy.
Team News
Guadalupe Reyes Joins AGX Executive Advisory Board
AdventGX is proud to welcome Guadalupe Reyes, Jr. as the newest member of the AdventGX Executive Advisory Board. Lupe currently serves as Dean of Technical and Workforce Education at the Blinn College Bryan (TX) Campus. He has over 30 years of community and technical college administrative experience as Dean and Vice President at large institutions in Chicago and Seattle. He built and founded the West Side Technical Institute, a $40 million satellite of the City Colleges of Chicago and also built another center in Seattle focused on computer and information technology certification training. In addition, Mr. Reyes is published nationally and internationally in the workforce development and contract education arenas.
AGX Interns Take on Project 7 Tasks
Each summer, AdventGX offers bright young students the opportunity to contribute to ongoing AdventGX projects and working members of project teams. Tasking ranges from manual labor in support of community projects to technical tasks. Recently, the interns worked in Van Horn on a renovation project in the historic Clark Hotel. The 2006 team of interns include Tristan Brewster, of Van Horn, Jose Juan Quintana and Colton Wilson of College Station and Cole Tatge of Bryan.