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August 2006

:: Meetings/Presentations/Workshops
   :. Skadberg Presents at “Capitalizing on Rural America – South Dakota/North Dakota”
   :. AdventGX Team attends Lyceum Meeting in Ft. Davis
   :. AdventGX Team Presents at the Texas Art Exchange Conference
:: Projects
   :. Skadberg visits McDonald Observatory
   :. AdventGX Team Visits Parral Woodcraft Consortium and Copper Canyon
   :. Van Horn CVB to Sponsor Seminar
   :. Texas Mountain Art Frames Now Available
Skadberg Presents at “Capitalizing on Rural America – South Dakota/North Dakota”
Dr. Andy Skadberg presented a session on “Tourism Builds Communities” at the third of four conferences hosted by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, South Dakota. The session focused on opportunities for tourism in rural communities, and methods bankers and economic developers use to capitalize on them. Throughout the four conferences, attendees have been presented new approaches for diversifying and revitalizing their communities.
AdventGX Team attends Lyceum Meeting in Ft. Davis
The AdventGX team attended a Texas Lyceum meeting in Ft. Davis, Texas July 28- 29. The event focused on the economic drivers behind hunting and outdoor recreational tourism and was held at the Sproul Ranch and Limpia Hotel. Team members took part in several activities at the ranch and hotel including jeep tours, quail hunting, and fine dining. Members attending the meeting included: Jose Quintana, Andy Skadberg, Joan Tatge, Bill Smith, Lindsey Hafner, Stan Meador, and Nacho Paez. Guests of AdventGX that also attending the meeting were Dr. Carson Watt, members of the University of Chihuahua in Mexico, Scott McGehee, Jose Juan Quintana, and Victoria Quintana.

AdventGX Team Presents at the Texas Art Exchange Conference
AdventGX team members Jose Quintana and Joan Tatge presented at Texas Commission on the Arts annual Texas Arts Exchange. The conference focused on the role arts play in developing cultural districts, promoting the creative economy, leadership and succession for the 21st century. Mr. Quintana and Ms. Tatge presented case studies of communities that used art as a revitalization tool, focusing particularly on the Texas Mountain Art Seminar, Show and Sale that took place in Van Horn, TX last fall.
Skadberg visits McDonald Observatory
Dr. Andy Skadberg recently visited the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains near Fort Davis, one of the anchor tourism attractions in the Big Bend Mountain region. Scientists at the observatory use three of the worlds largest telescopes to investigate other galaxies, space phenomena and to give us a better understanding of our universe. Andy met with Dr. David Lambert the UT McDonald Observatory Director, Sandra Preston, Asst. Director-Education and Outreach and other staff members to begin discussions of possible collaborations that will take advantage of ongoing projects like Texas Education Vacation as well as the potential for creating new experiential education opportunities in far West Texas.

AdventGX Team Visits Parral Woodcraft Consortium and Copper Canyon
Nacho Paez, AdventGX Director of Mexico Operations led fellow AdventGX team members on a tour of Chihuahua, Mexico. Jose Quintana, Joan Tatge, Andy Skadberg and AdventGX interns were part of the trip. Van Horn Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Jeff McCoy also joined AdventGX, taking the opportunity to visit with prospective business owners seeking opportunities in far West Texas.During the tour, the group visited several natural and historic sites throughout the region. One such site was Copper Canyon were the team took a beautiful hike.

While at the canyon, the team was able to see Taramarra Indians run in the annual ultra marathon, a 100 km race (60 miles) beginning at the bottom of the canyon and up to the rim where the race ends in a small Mexican village. The winner ran the race in 6 hours.

The team also met with several Parral Woodcraft Consortium members to evaluate prototype products for the Texas Mountain Brand line of products to be sold in West Texas.

Before heading back to the United States, the team stopped at a chipotle pepper farm to tour the facilities.

Van Horn CVB to Sponsor Seminar
Van Horn Convention and Visitors Bureau announced in August its sponsorship of the Rural Economic and Tourism Development Seminar which is scheduled to take place December 18-19. The seminar will bring together leaders from throughout the rural West Texas to discuss ideas and strategies for regional economic development. The Van Horn sponsorship will provide participants the opportunity to enjoy a local nature tourism venue, Red Rock Ranch, as well as a closing reception at the newly opened Blue Quail Coffee in Van Horn’s Main Street district.
Texas Mountain Art Frames Now Available
AdventGX and Texas Mountain Art is happy to announce the release of an initial collection of rustic picture frames. The frames are available for wholesale purchase for retail establishments in West Texas and distribution is based out of Van Horn. The offering is part of one of our tourism and economic development initiatives and is augmenting regionally branded products for retail and tourism development. Retailers interested in purchasing frames wholesale can send an email to or should
call (979)216-0548.