Tuesday, October 17, Advent GX was proud to partner with the Software Developer’s Cartel for an evening of learning, networking, and best tech practices.

This month’s speakers were Tom Peck, a software developer for Serverless, and Dean Brundage, former software developer/system administrator.

Peck, the first to present, kicked off the evening with a lecture that’s tough to beat by discussing new fronts in serverless computing, the latest trend on Amazon Web Services. Highlighting Cognito, Lambda, and API Gateway, Peck explained how these new services provide a new way to build web applications and back-ends (which provides simplified access to data storage) for mobile apps. Think better security, lower cost, simpler maintainability, and greater scalability for your web and mobile applications.

Brundage, following this, offered a lecture titled “Break Out of the Loop”, which examined how software developers can improve their arduino programming using C++ classes. Focusing on multitasking with classes that perform specific actions, this was a great lecture for anyone with an interest in interactive objects and stimulus response (i.e. robotics).

October’s Software Developer’s Cartel meeting, as always, offered a unique community experience for our technically minded friends. By creating a space where hackers can interact, the Cartel continues to grow and maintain a community for curious and passionate hackers. Consequently, hosting October’s event at Ice House on Main was an honor for Advent GX. Together, Advent GX and the Cartel worked to create a space for community and professional development in Downtown Bryan. With this, AGX looks forward to potential opportunities and new experiences with the Software Developer’s Cartel in the future.

For more information about the Software Developer’s Cartel, please visit their website online. To learn more about AGX or the Ice House as a partner (venue), drop us a line at inquiry@adventgx.com!