2023 – The Year in Review

AdventGX founders Jose and Joan Quintana paused over the last week to reflect on all that friends at home and abroad helped us to accomplish in 2023. And what a year it was! From advocating for free markets to encouraging entrepreneurs, and working to build community at home and across the globe, our entire team is privileged to serve and support innovators of all types – from public officials seeking best practices, to non-profit leaders looking to enhance their impact, and including entrepreneurs in Texas and around the world – we are well aware we could not provide the support we do without the continued encouragement of our community.

As a way of saying thank you, we wanted to share a brief look back on the joys of 2023 and invite you to join us for the adventures that are already taking shape for 2024. 

Fostering Free Markets through Global Exchange

Last January, Jose and Joan joined leaders and innovators from across the globe at the 12th Antigua Forum in Antigua, Guatemala. The Forum is a gathering of individuals from around the world who believe in the power of free enterprise and human ingenuity to solve real problems. 

Over the summer, they met up with some Antigua Forum friends in Prague for Atlas Network’s Europe Liberty Forum. They met think tank leaders working on the front lines advocating for free market economics throughout the European continent before traveling to Portugal to follow up on opportunities identified during Jose’s visit earlier in 2023. They discovered historic Braga’s rich religious heritage, the city’s vibrant innovation ecosystem, as well as an abundance of arts and culture. 

We are excited to announce that AdventGX will launch its international concert tour in Braga in October 2024 featuring Pirai Vaca. And, we are making plans to introduce some wonderful wine from Portugal’s Vinho Verde region next year. Stay tuned for updates on both initiatives in the months ahead.

While in the region, the team visited Spain for the first time and met with new friends in Tortosa where we are making plans to work with area leaders to expand on their entrepreneurial culture and help grow the innovation sector.

Also in Europe, we are working on plans to support innovators in Greece and Scotland through global expansion of our Innovation Underground network of business incubators.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Back in Texas and throughout the US, our team has continued to encourage entrepreneurs through the Innovation Underground. We are especially proud of the growth of Rebels Edge Armory, Hartwell University, and Emergency Solutions. Each of these companies built significant momentum in 2023 and we look forward to their continued success in  2024.

We are also encouraged by the continued success and expansion of activities at both Grand Stafford Theater and the Ice House on Main, where we enjoyed our best year yet of live music, community gatherings, and private events.

At Grand Stafford Theater, we hosted local, national, and international artists in 2023, and launched South Main Recordings to serve and support Bryan’s music-friendly community and other recording needs. And, we are delighted to welcome our new house band, Ultraviolet. The group performed at more than one First Friday in the Fall as well as the 2023 Town & Gown celebration honoring the Bush School of Government and Public Service and many area non-profits.

Building Community 

Throughout 2023, we continued to host Bourbon Conversations, the Developers Cartel, Astronomy on Tap, and First Fridays among other community events designed to build connections and encourage conversation. Thank you to all who continue to show up, bring friends, and help us build an ever-stronger, ever-expanding community at home and abroad. 

Your participation, wisdom, and encouragement fuel our enthusiasm for leadership and service. This year, Jose continued to support the great men and women of the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans at the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M, and served on the advisory board of the Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy.

Joan continued to serve as a mentor and on the board of Forge Leadership Network, and joined the board of directors of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

Join in the fun, learning, and community building in 2024

Together with our team, we want to encourage all of our friends to join us as we continue on the journey to build a global community, foster free enterprise, and encourage entrepreneurs, all while remaining rooted and grounded in the moral truths that undergird human joy and flourishing. 

Mark your calendars and let us know if you’re interested in joining any of the following events:

June 24-27

Acton University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

October 30-31

Pirai Vaca Live in Braga, Portugal – launch of international concert tour – more information coming soon!