Saturday, November 4, was a new kind of After Dark event for the downtown community as cigar aficionado,  Christian Lynch,  appeared to host SEAD Gallery’s Cigar Night and speak on the art and ceremony of cigars and cigar rolling.

Set in our back-alley urban garden, the evening was an alluring one for newcomers and veterans alike as Lynch led the audience through a leisurely discussion over cigar making, differentiation, technique, and recommendations.

Sponsored by Cavalier Cigar Co., a local College Station tobacco shop, Saturday’s aromatic evening combined a rich cultural experience with good food, good company, and good spirits to create a night unlike any other for our downtown community.

Special thanks go to Christian Lynch, Cavalier Cigar Co., and SEAD Gallery staff for bringing this evening together. Bringing this event together would not have been possible without their combined efforts!

For more information about Lynch or Cavalier Cigar Co., please visit the links attached to their titles. For general interest inquiries, please visit the SEAD Gallery website or email Advent GX at We love our community, and we want to hear from you, so give us a holler!