AGX AnalyticsCommunities need analytical tools and models to take the guess work out of investment decisions and guide resource allocation. You need sound, science-based models that simplify analysis of complex data and enhance stakeholder communications.

Advent GX developed a set of tools for the states of Texas and California. Now, local communities and small business have access to the same tools including:

  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Geo-Spatial Impact Modeling
  • Return on Investment Mapping


As entrepreneurs, we thrive on starting and supporting new businesses. As community and economic developers, we recognize that few communities have the resources, experience or expertise to engage entrepreneurs and put them to work for the good of the community.
The Innovation UndergroundAdvent GX’s privately owned network of business incubators helps communities encourage entrepreneurship while revitalizing the community.
We partner with local communities to conduct needs assessments, select sites and manage operations, all at a fraction of the cost of establishing a comparable facility with in-house staff.


AGX Tourism At the local and regional level, tourism often represents one of the best opportunities to generate economic return on investment. It also enhances overall quality of life, and can help establish a genuine sense of place.

Advent GX tourism development solutions and services include:

  • Tourism asset inventory
  • Tourism strategy development
  • Experience creation
  • Technology augmented tourism
  • Cultural heritage tourism


Getting the word out, promoting successes and attracting investment—it’s all in how you tell your story. Advent GX marketing and creative professionals make the most of traditional marketing communications and new media to get your message in front of just the right audiences.Advent GX marketing & creative services include:

  • Brand development
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Video production
  • Photography