Using our own Advent GX Strategy Deployment (ASD) process, Advent GX works with clients to transform the needs and desires of the customer into a set of systematic activities that simplify project management at all phases of the development process. Whether we are developing a business plan, strategic plan, developing a product or designing a marketing strategy, our method gets right to the core issues. We capture the voice of the customer and promptly identify specific areas of concern, as well as potential opportunities, and target our efforts to minimize project risks. Through this proven process, Advent GX clients are provided with tools to track progress and anticipate next steps.

Working With Advent GX

As the first step of any project, Advent GX conducts a one or two day design workshop to identify your needs and strategic objectives. Working with your project team, Advent GX will set priorities and establish preliminary plans for moving forward.

Following the workshop, we develop and provide to the customer an Advent GX Implementation Matrix, including estimates of effort required to develop each project component. The Implementation Matrix is used as a guide and reference throughout development, deployment and maintenance of your initiative.

With your guidance, Advent GX will evaluate and revise the Implementation Matrix to ensure key deadlines are met and objectives fulfilled. Necessary adjustments to our approach are made as needed to achieve your goals on time and within budget.

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